VIP Plugin 3.0
What u get when u are VIP?
1.You get Free nades each round. (HE,2FB,SG)
2.Free Armor+Helm
3.You Get 500$ per kill and per HS 800$
4.You Get 15HP per kill and per HS 30HP
5.You See bullet damage at real time.
6.Only VIP can buy Sniper's. (Like AWP)
7.Write /vips u will see VIP's online.
8.U will can use Admin Chat
9.Slot reservation
From 3 round u will begin see menu:
1.Get Free M4K1 and Deagle+HE
2.Get Free AK47 and Deagle+HE

What Modules it use? :
cstrike, fun
What cvar's ? :
bullet_damage 1
amx_vip_hp 15
amx_vip_hp_hs 30
amx_vip_max_hp 100
money_per_damage 3
money_kill_bonus 500
money_hs_bonus 200
menu_active 1
awp_active 1
How to give VIP?:
"NICK" "PASSWORD" "bit" "ab"
"ip" "password" "bit" "de"

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