Spam Blocker v3.6
P. P. S. As for me, I use this plugin in three ways:
1. Ban spamers (with ban.ini)
2. Kick abusers (with kick.ini)
3. Hide messages like "/rank" (with hide.ini)

CVAR list:
  • spam_blocker_active [0, 1, default 1] — enables or disables the plugin.
  • spam_bantime [1440 by default (one day)] — I spose everyone understood what does this cvar mean.
  • spam_check_nick [0, 1, default 1] — enables or disables nick-spam checking.
  • spam_detect_ip [0 by default] — if this set to 1 the plugin will perform needed action with any player which post any IPs to chat (but I'm still not sure that this feature is needed indeed).
  • spam_ip_mode [1, 2, 3, default 3] — what plugin is supposed to do when he found IP (of course, if IP detection is on). 1 — hide ad message. 2 — hide message and kick spamer. 3 — hide message and ban spamer.
  • spam_log_hides [0, 1, default 0] — log messages hides (only strings from file hide.ini). I made this feature because I set up a huge list of War3FT chat messages that I don't want to be shown in chat, so logging each hide of message like "tome" is some kinda strange 
  • spam_warning [0, 1, default 1] — enables or disables the regular warning.
  • spam_notify_admins [0, 1, 2, default 2] — if 2 it will notify admins about all warnings, kicks and bans thru admin chat. If 1 it will notify admins about only warning (for example if somebody tries to spam anyway admin can ban him manually). If 0 no reports are sent.
  • spam_ban_mode [1, 2, default 1] — if your server is non-steam set 2 (thus plugin will ban/kick thru IP), if you got a steam-server set 1 (and the plugin will ban/kick thru SteamID).

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